Best Online Courses and Universities for Data Science Programs in Budget

With a surge in the scope and development of the data science field, the demand for experts
in this field is on the rise. Are you all set to update yourselves?
There has been a massive increase in job opportunities in this field, and aspirants are eager to
hone their skills in this sector. It has enabled people to grab new prospects as data scientists
and flourish with relevant skills and experiences.
Big data and complex data management are essential learnings for data scientists. Exploring
new job roles in this arena is possible by seeking online, part-time, or full-time data courses
followed by a Ph. D or Diploma.
If you are seeking the best Data Science universities offering online courses within the range
of Rs.3 Lacs, here’s a guide to look for!
Leading Online Data Science Universities below 3 Lakhs

  1. Henry Harvin Education
    Reserve your seat for the best online data science course in India at the finest institute for
    scientific courses in South Asia. It blends the application, computation, and theory parts,
    making it easy to understand for data analysts.
    They offer a premium course leveraging advanced applications to sort real-world challenges
    for students. Seeking the data science course certificate from this institute is possible, with
    the courses starting from just Rs.15,000/month for students located in any part of the country.
  2. Scaler Data Science Course
    This is another source to seek the Data Science and Machine Learning program in India that
    equips students to upgrade themselves with industry-level skills. It renders the grasp of data
    science to the enthusiasts to help them commence jobs and businesses successfully.
    They have designed multiple modules to suit all types of students, ranging from beginners to
    advanced to intermediate ones. They are associated with over 600+ placement partners,
    including the top brands and professionals.
    The course fee for this program is INR 2.5 Lakhs for the complete duration and EMI options;
    scholarships are also available.
  3. IIM Calcutta
    If you are already a working professional looking forward to upgrading your skill set, then
    the data science course by IIM Calcutta is a fruitful one. While the majority of its sessions are
    online, you might sometimes have to appear for on-campus classes.
    Expert tutors and top-grade teachers are there to guide you across the learning courses in data
    science at this institute. The main topics covered under the 12-month course here are XL-
    Miner SPSS, Oracle, Tableau, Arena, SQL, Hadoop, Apache Spark, etc.
  4. PG Data Science Program from Simplilearn, Purdue University

The PGP course in data science by Simplilearn from Purdue University is amongst the
leading data science courses in India. This university boasts 150+ years of academic
excellence and hosts top programs in this field.
They offer interactive learning through online live classes from top experts and professionals.
It is a live online class available for 12 months that helps in dealing with tools such as
Python, Pandas, Tableau, Num Py, and Scipy.
Aspiring students can complete this course by paying INR 2.25 Lac for the complete course.

  1. Great Learning Online Program- PGP Course in Data Science
    Upscale your skills in business analytics and data science by seeking learnings from the PGP
    in data science from the Great Learning online program.
    Students can access the learning pedagogy by referring to the pre-recorded videos along with
    the monthly live class from the leading university professor. This is an online course
    available for 11 months. The fees charged for this course are INR 2.25 Lac + GST charges.
    Other Leading Institutes to Complete Data Science Courses Online in 2024
  • Upgrad Data Science online program
  • Edureka PG Data Science Program with IIT Guwahati
  • PG Diploma in Data Science from Jigwsaw Academy
  • Data Science with R and Python
    Final Thoughts on Increasing Demand for Data Science Certification by 2025!
    According to a report from the World Economic Forum, it is evident that almost 40% of
    professional workers might have to upskill themselves by the end of 2025. To acquire your
    dream job in the Data Science field and work with globally reputed business entities,
    updating yourselves with the tailored data science training programs is crucial.
    The courses and universities listed above cover the majority of the essential topics and offer
    you complete career placement guidance. These certifications can be life-changing for
    students aspiring to explore new avenues in the field of data science and earn a fortune from