X/Twitter introduces new Verified Organizations. The Basic tier is now available for $200/month or $2000/year!

X/Twitter introduces new Verified Organizations: X/Twitter comes up with the ‘basic’ subscription plan to get verified organizations along with free ad credits. It is now available for users at a nominal cost of just $200/Month.

Users can now avail of the basic plan at Twitter for verified organizations with a golden checkmark on X/Twitter. It would cost around Rs.16,790/month, and it is an essential tier subscription for them. 

Elon Musk made this announcement on X/Twitter for verified organization subscriptions of small businesses. Yearly charges for it are Rs.1,68,000 ($2000), which is almost 80% cheaper than its ‘Full Access’ subscription. This is now just going to cost Rs.82,300/month.

He came up with an announcement, “Designed for smaller businesses, subscribers receive ad credits & priority support to enable faster growth on X.”

The basic subscription plan allows verified organizations to unveil numerous benefits like priority access, gold checkmark, and several other premium+ benefits along with access to the Grok AI and many other LinkedIn-like features. Along with this, users can also opt for the full-access subscription that fosters 2x boost and affiliation support. For every affiliate account here, X charges you around Rs 4,120/month.

What’s More with the X/Twitter Basic Tier Plan?

Under another limited-time deal, X is also providing its users an additional advertisement credit of $1000 (Rs.83,000) that can aid in buying ads on various platforms. This is limited to just $200/month and $2000/Year for the companies offering basic verified organization subscriptions.

Businesses can now instantly subscribe to different types of verified organization plans through their mobile or desktop apps. The added gold checkmark leverages your business to stand out from others. 

This extra feature also provides access to the Media Studio, earlier referred to as the Tweet Deck, which assists in scheduling and managing posts and offers additional insights on content performance at Twitter along with monetizing abilities.

Additional Festive Offers

X provides additional subscription tiers, such as basic at Rs.245/month and Premium at Rs.650/month, and the expensive Premium+ subscription plan can cost you Rs.1300/month, allowing exclusive access to the Grok LLM.

Any organization can sign up using a link available in the app. They can select any preferred payment mode using credit cards, direct payment, or through any sort of wire transfer to allow instant access. Users will receive immediate notifications on account activation after it.