10 Best MBA Programs For Tech Jobs In 2024

Are you an aspiring enthusiast looking for a glorious career in the technology sector? Enrolling for the best MBA programs is an ideal way to create a stepping stone for developing a bright career. So, below, we’ve enlisted the best MBA programs globally that offer promising opportunities in the realms of AI, ML, data analytics, IT and finance.

Top Global Business Schools for MBA Programs in 2024 to Develop Tech Careers

MBA aspirants seeking tech jobs in 2024 must count on these business schools to kickstart their successful professional journey.

  1. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Chicago Booth is a leading MBA business school offering significant roles to MBA graduates in tech firms such as Google and Amazon, followed by other big names. It nurtures business enthusiasts to manage big roles and get a knack for tech advancement and data programming skills. Register here to get acquainted with leading tech models like cryptocurrency, AI, Blockchain and the Web3.

  • UCLA Anderson School of Management

For those willing to get their MBA degree from UCLA Anderson School, gear up for some advanced studies. It is listed as the fourth leading career service lending guidance to 84 students in 2023 for developing their tech careers. Tech-based MBA specialization in the UCLA Anderson management school includes branches like tech management, product development and payment technology.

  • University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business

This one is also a leading US-based MBA Program serving as a key to unlocking your fortunes by getting a job in leading 500 companies like Adobe, Salesforce and Cisco. Students can explore their management skills here to pursue job roles in a tech environment to assess the commercial possibility of the latest technological innovations.

  • Columbia Business School

Become the MBA Graduate from the Columbia Business School, the top-rated program promising a swift upward shift in your career. Top professionals from this school are getting roles in leading business industries of the tech sector. They adopt a collaborative approach to shape the tech career for aspiring students.

  • Northwestern Kellogg School of Management

Northwestern Kellogg School of Management witnessed the hiring of 97 polished grads in 2023 for top roles in the tech industry. It provides 1-year and 2-year MBA tech programs for enthusiasts. They offer multiple courses like Data exploration, Machine Intelligence and analytical consulting to sort user problems.

  • Harvard Business School

A prestigious name for an MBA program can pay off lucratively once you complete the course here. It focuses on ‘The Case Method’ and ‘The Field Method’, allowing students to analyze real-life cases with a specialized degree in operations management and technology.

  • The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Add a star mark to your resume with an MBA Program from the Wharton School of Pennsylvania. In 2023, 103 grads were hired for tech jobs from this institute. It provides a major degree in Business Analytics, allowing students to work with leading employers like Met, Apple, Google and PayPal.

  • London Business School

If you believe in your goals of developing a thriving tech startup, then avail MBA program from the London Business School to get offerings from 1,382 AI companies. It allows users to explore unique business cultures and helps tech grads fetch handsome salary offerings.


The INSEAD stands at the 2nd position for tech-related MBA programs globally. It provides elective courses in AI and FinTech, making it an apt pick for the C-Suites and Startups. Grads can appear for an impressive list of hiring companies in the tech sector.

  1. Indian School of Business

The biggest name in MBA Programs for tech jobs, with 295 graduates bagging great career options in 2023, is the Indian School of Business. Leading recruiting companies offering roles to IBS grads include Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and Google.

Gear Up for the Big Break in Tech with Leading MBA Programs!

MBA Graduates from reputed sources can bag enticing job roles with great packages in renowned companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and many others. Top AI engineers, product managers and data scientists are earning lucratively while pursuing their dream roles after completing these programs.