Get Summer Ready- Top 7 Affordable Air Coolers in India

Are you scouting worthy picks to deal with the summer heat in 2024? Here are the most cost-
effective air cooler options perfect for Indian homes.
These portable air coolers work on the basics of conventional air conditioning systems
amalgamated with the latest innovations. Check out the best options reviewed by our experts.
Best Summer Air Coolers to Buy From- Keep Your Comfort
Air coolers also referred to as room coolers, have been an Indian home favourite for decades
now! It is found in most Indian homes in rural or urban areas. These coolers are an energy-
efficient solution to cope with the scorching heat in summer. They work both in dry and hot
climates and serve as a budgeted option for air conditioners.

  1. Orient Electric Ultimo 88L Desert Air Cooler
  • Energy-efficient cooler for huge rooms
  • In-built 88 Liter water tank capacity
  • Offers consistent cooling with minimal refills
  • Durable and trendy design with enhanced aesthetics
  • Provide relief from the sweltering heat
  • Reservoir- 88 Litres
  • Remote-operated cooler with timing settings
  • Orient Electric Ultimo 88L Desert Air Cooler includes freestanding mount type
  • Main features include a Low Water Indicator, Auto Fill, Adjustable Speed and Built-
    in wheel
  1. Bajaj Px 97 Torque New 36L Personal Air Cooler
  • Bajaj Px 97 Torque New 36L Personal Air Cooler comes with 2 Year Warranty
  • Primary specs include Powerful Air Throw & 3-speed Control and Turbofan
  • Compact air cooler with 36 litres tank capacity
  • Portable room cooler ideal for offices, bedrooms and living areas
  • Affordable and reliable choice in budget
  • Mount type: Freestanding
  • Top feature: Portable and Adjustable speed settings
  1. Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler
  • Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler has a compact design and is best for personal use
  • Includes 18-litre water tank capacity
  • Ideal for study rooms, offices and bedrooms
  • Equipped with honeycomb cooling pads and a powerful fan system
  • Ideal for perfect cooling in a dry and hot climate
  • Water level indicator, adjustable fan speed setting and dedicated ice chamber for
    better cooling
  • Portable and sleek design
  • Mount Type: Freestanding
  • Available in light blue and white colours
  1. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler
  • Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler has a 12L Capacity
  • Includes Honeycomb Pad and powered with i-Pure Technology
  • Sleek and compact model for small or medium-sized rooms
  • Water tank capacity of 12 litres
  • Provides longer cooling hours and frequent refill
  • Offers water level indicator, multiple speed setting and dedicated mosquito net for
    comfort and convenience
  • Mount Type: Freestanding
  • Cost-effective solution in stylish and portable look
  1. Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler
  • Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler is perfectly designed for bedrooms and living
  • Huge water tank with higher cooling capacity
  • Reduces temperature in dry and hot climate
  • Top features include an ice chamber and a honeycomb cooling pad
  • Provides efficient cooling performance
  • Portability, convenient controls and comfy indoor ambience
  • Mount Type: Freestanding
  • Auto-fill and portable
  1. Havells Frostio Window Air Cooler
  • Premium quality air cooler ideal for Indian households
  • Compact and sleek product design to fit in window frames
  • Powerful fan, quick cooling and timer function
  • Adjustable fan speed settings and remote-control access
  • Reliable performance and cooling comfort
  • Mount Type: Freestanding
  • Larger footprints and handy design
  1. V-Guard Arido R35H-N Room Air Cooler
  • V-Guard Arido R35H-N Room Air Cooler offers excellent cooling in a dry and hot
  • Durable built, large cooling capacity and efficient cooling system
  • Perfect pick for medium and large-sized rooms
  • Advanced in-built features like timer settings and the remote-control operation
  • Multiple speed options along with customization and convenience
  • Mount Type: Freestanding
  • Anti-bacterial filter and 35 Litres large water tank
    Summarize the Best Buy for Room Coolers!
    A few important things to keep in mind when buying a perfect air cooler include:
  • The proper cooling capacity.
  • Adjustable speed settings.
  • Portability.
  • Auto-fill feature.
  • Reservoir capacity.
  • Brand reputation.
  • After-sales services.
    Lock your purchase and enjoy a cool ambience inside amidst the scorching heat without
    breaking the bank!